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Bay Phoenix

Producer | Audio Engineer | Creator

Bay Phoenix has been mentored by several platinum and Grammy award-winning engineers, including:

• Production: Shane Hazelton

. (LMFAO Prod. Mentor)

• Mixing: Andrew Zeleno

 (Canada's #2 Rated Engineer)

• Mastering: Blake La Grange

 (Grammy-Winning Engineer)


Introducing Bay Phoenix, an emerging producer and audio engineer making waves in the future bass and progressive house scene.

Coming from San Jose, CA, Bay Phoenix has been honing their craft for over a decade, starting as a young teenager with just an iPod Touch.

His journey began in high school, where a video production teacher introduced them to the world of audio engineering and brought in professionals from the industry, which introduced him into professional audio, sparking a serious passion for music production and audio.

Determined to take their skills

to the next level, Bay Phoenix dropped

out of high school at 18 to pursue music full-time.

In the next few years, Bay Phoenix had the opportunity to work with industry heavyweights such as Disney producer Andrew Lane, for whom they created an exclusive remix, Curtis Young (Dr. Dre's son), where they helped him to find sponsorship, endorsement deals and media.

His dedication to improvement led to working with LMFAO's production mentor, Canada's #2 rated audio engineer and even a Grammy award-winning mastering engineer.

In 2021 they started getting mentored by Clinton Sparks and his team. Now, as a unionized live sound engineer in San Francisco, Bay Phoenix operates his own mastering studio and has spent over a decade perfecting their craft.


With a deep understanding of audio engineering and a relentless pursuit of perfection, Bay Phoenix is finally ready to unleash their debut release, showcasing his unique blend of future bass and progressive house production.


With a passion for music and an unwavering drive to succeed, Bay Phoenix is an artist to watch in the electronic music scene.


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